Exchange Policy

Conditions of exchange are as follows:

In case of goods exchange: change size, change model (apply to original price, not apply to discounted goods).
– Products can be exchanged within 10 days from the date of receipt and only exchanged once for the same price or higher, if lower, no refund will be issued.
– The exchanged product must have an invoice, with intact labels, price tags and have not been used.
– The product is not damaged due to improper storage according to the instructions on the product.
Shipping cost in case of barter:
– For bills> 2,000,000 VND: Chaiko House will bear the full cost of two-way transportation for customers.
– For invoices from 1,000,000 VND – 2,000,000 VND: Chaiko House will bear one-way shipping fee and customer will be charged one-way shipping fee to the store.
– For bills <1,000,000 VND: Customers will bear the full cost of exchanging goods.
*** Chaiko House encourages customers to be cautious in buying advice & checking invoices, products carefully before completing the transaction.
– Scope applies to 100% of orders.
– Chaiko House will not handle all cases that customers do not guarantee the correct terms and conditions of exchange.
Customers can directly enter information to exchange goods via the link: